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Who we are

I am a photographer who loves her job. I am dedicated, and I enjoy creating happy moments while making people feel comfortable during their portraits. I am professional and fun-loving, I enjoy making people laugh and capturing natural-looking photos. I see beauty where others see simplicity.

Photography reflects a part of my soul, which is why I love it. Through photography, I can express who I am. I am characterized by being original and creating harmony in my photos. I enjoy providing experiences in my photos, giving my clients a moment to remember.


For us, it’s important that our clients have the best outcome from what we do, which is why we take care of every detail, ensuring that the client has a happy experience and leaves with work they are pleased with.

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We are ready to make your event a memorable memory!


Roland Soos


Rous Jeml

We love what we do

My husband has been a crucial part of why today we are both working together in my passion. He was the inspiration for me to keep going and to continue bringing happiness to my clients with my work.


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